When I discovered F.I.R.E

This is me in 2012.  I had just purchased my house for the stately sum of $67,000 on a monthly income of approximately $1,500 a month.  I was in search of ways to maximize my finances and discovered Mr. Money Mustache.   After bingeing the blog in its entirety I decided to dip my toe in the forums.  Here is where my life began to change and I started to imagine possibilities for myself.

I have now read the entire blog of MMM! I lay no claim to having memorized it, but
feel I have a good grasp of a lot of the concepts. Here are some stats:
Mortgage (including PMI, taxes, and insurance) 3.25% $500
Power: $35
Water $25 (This bill cheeses me off. The base charge is $20.)
Cable/internet: $50 (I did not want cable! But if I bought only internet it was more
expensive. Only service provider in my area.)
Credit card: $100 ($1,100 balance. Paid off $1,000 over last two months.)
Student loan: $9,000 at 5.75%
Cell phone: $25 (I use magic jack for most calls, but have this to carry around. 300
min, unlimited data & texting.)
Car insurance: $60 (I have high deductibles, but do have full coverage. Until I have
enough saved to replace the car, I don’t feel comfortable letting that coverage go.)
2002 Mazda 626 just over 100,000 miles. Have taken good care of it and no major
bills yet!
Pet Insurance and food: $40. Okay, finish laughing you guys. But it has paid for
itself 10x over. Over $5,000 in vet bills reimbursed.
Prescriptions/medical care: $25 – $75
Gas: $175 (I am looking for a bike currently. Already bought a bike trailer.)
Food: $200 (including going out. I am cutting this down, and already have
dramatically. Used to be in excess of $500)
I think that is all the high points.
Here is where it is a struggle. I am disabled so I am allowed a small income, plus
my disability payments.
Disability income: $792
Income: $500 (Fluctuates on my health and how busy work is.)
I was in a car accident recently, I’m fine, but there was $1,400 damage to the car. I
made a big payment to credit card with that and used remaining $400 to stock my
pantry and make home repairs.
What I am fixated on now is paying off that credit card balance and getting healthier.
I think with an improvement in my diabetes a lot of my bills will go down. Also, I
don’t really buy clothes anymore because I have so many, but I (like many women!)
have clothes that are down a size or two. So I won’t have to buy any for quite a
while because of that.
I have several things I am considering selling (many small kitchen appliances.) In
order to reach my goal. I did a large garden this year and learned a lot, including
how to do some preserving and now that I have many jars and a pressure canner
believe that I can save even more that way next year.

Things have changed so much since then, but I love going back and reading about where I started and to see how I’ve grown and what I have to still work on.  I wanted to share this so you could see how I started and where I was and what my numbers looked like.  I think you’ll also discover soon enough, that my optimism is pretty persistent.  Even during difficult times ahead.


3 thoughts on “When I discovered F.I.R.E

  1. Absolutely love how you said you are now fixated on getting healthier! You and me both! Nothing like FIRE to light a fire to improve the most important thing each of us has. Kudos for an awesome attitude, it will take you far!


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