Flashback Friday

forest bike bulls
Photo by Philipp M on Pexels.com


I’m going back through the journals I have kept since I discovered F.I.R.E. and began working towards it so that I may share some success, losses, and trials and tribulations along the way. Check out the previous flashback here.
October 24, 2012:
I recently moved much closer to work/doctors/school, so hopefully
the gas bill will go down because of that, and now that I am picking up a bike today I
can drop it further! I get 25mpg. I was driving 30 miles round trip 34
days a week
for only 4 hrs of work. Now I am only five miles away! I still drive into school (10
miles) twice a week, but use the county parking garage and catch the free tram to
avoid the outrageous parking fees. ($6-9 a day.)
Unfortunately, I got a major hit today. A $1,000 medical bill just showed up. I’ve
been on the phone with the insurance for 45 minutes to see if I can figure some of
this out. I am on the hook for at least $500 of it, but the rest is from a few claims
that may have been erroneously denied. ::fingers crossed::
When I moved, I did not get internet for a month. I put it off, but thought I would
need it for school. I have unlimited data on my phone, but it is ridiculously slow. I’m
starting to reconsider the internet/cable. I’m going to think about it for a few weeks
and possibly cancel it. If I need to do something urgent, my best friend is 3/4 of a
mile away and the library is only 1.5 miles. I find that I am spending way to much
time surfing the day away instead of accomplishing things.

I remember when I got that bill in the mail.  That bill was over 60% of my monthly income.  Opening it scared my pants off.  Then I remembered that I am a seasoned insurance professional, and knew that I had to start making rounds of calls.  What happens? Find out next flashback Friday!

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