Money Saving

I have put shortcuts to my top money saving posts right here for quick and easy reading!

Ways to Save: Garbage
Ways to Save: Paper Products
Ways to Save: Toilet Paper
Ways to Save: Laundry/Dish Soap
Ways to Save: Bar Soap
Ways to Save: Stockpiling while Low Income

Here are a few links that can save you money via referral:

Rover – $20 off your first booking with a pet sitter.
Imperfect Produce referral link. $10 off a produce box.
Uber / Uber eats referral link.  Free ride or cheap meal.
AirBnB referral link. $40 off your first booking with AirBnB.
DoorDash referral link.  Free cheap meal.

Financial Referrals:
Discover Card  – Get 0% balance transfers for 14+ months. I used this card to transfer my debt onto to pay it down quicker!  $50 statement credit with first purchase!

Chase Checking Referral link.  $300 for opening a new checking account.  I do these once or twice a year to pick up the sign up bonuses. I’m not going to sneeze at $500+!