Ways to Save

I have put shortcuts to my top money saving posts right here for quick and easy reading!

Ways to Save: Garbage
Ways to Save: Paper Products
Ways to Save: Toilet Paper
Ways to Save: Laundry/Dish Soap
Ways to Save: Bar Soap
Ways to Save: Stockpiling while Low Income
Ways to Save: Running Gear
Ways to Save: Dental Care
Ways to Save: Cable

Here are a few links that can save you money!

Buy anything online EVER? Use Rakuten and get rebates for your purchases and Honey for coupons on all your purchases.

Financial Referrals:

Chase Sapphire Preferred – Starting to travel hack? This is the card to start. Use my link and I will receive 15,000 points when you complete your minimum spend and get your 50,000+ points! Thank you for contributing to my opportunities to travel in this life.

Discover Card  – Get 0% balance transfers for 14+ months. I used this card to transfer my debt onto to pay it down quicker!  $50 statement credit with first purchase.

Chase Checking Referral link.  $300 for opening a new checking account.  I do these once or twice a year to pick up the sign up bonuses. I’m not going to sneeze at $500+

Other referrals:
Rover Have a dog? or Cat? Need a pet sitter or walker? Save on your stay or become a sitter yourself for a side gig 🙂
Imperfect Produce referral link. $10 off a produce box.
Uber / Uber eats referral link.  Free ride or cheap meal.
AirBnB referral link. $40 off your first booking with AirBnB.
DoorDash referral link.  Free cheap meal.
Lyft – Discounted ride

Want to contribute directly to my future? This is my ABLE account. An ABLE account is an investment account for people with disabilities that allows withdrawals only for disability related expenses. For the first time ever, people with disabilities are allowed to save without losing their medical benefits! It’s amazing! Read about it here.