Income: Pet sitting

One cannot live on SSDI alone, so I had to come up with something I could do that would bring in some income and I could do even when I was having a very bad day and in pain. Years after SSDI was granted for other issues I developed an idiopathic autoimmune condition. I have … Continue reading Income: Pet sitting


Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

For the last twenty plus years I have wrestled with guilt. I call it, “survivor’s guilt,” as a riff on the original meaning. I survive today because programs exist to support people with disabilities at a rate far greater than the past. Yet there is such a stigma attached to using them when your disability … Continue reading Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

I manifested a Friheten.

About two weeks ago I  looked on and decided I wanted the Friheten couch.  My friend and I had planned on an Ikea trip in two days, so I would have the opportunity to mess around with it in person and make sure that I liked it. I'm a fan of getting to Ikea … Continue reading I manifested a Friheten.

Social Security: Part 3 – Working

"You can work on disability?"  This question is asked a lot, generally with disbelief or shock.  The general public believes that if you are "permanently and totally disabled," and unable to do, "substantial gainful activity," you are unable to do anything. Period. Full stop. Let's discuss a few things here.  One is the idea that … Continue reading Social Security: Part 3 – Working

Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability you must meet federally established requirements for "permanent and total disability," including unable to work for over a year, and unable to work for over a year in the future.  You also must have completed enough work credits (worked enough reported full time hours) to qualify for … Continue reading Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.

Playing with Fire documentary!

Guys!  I was at Camp Mustache while they were filming chunks of this and personally know a good number of the people featured. Since I wasn't being public at the time, I did not sign a waiver and am not featured (you might catch me in the background.) I'm agog that it's almost here. I … Continue reading Playing with Fire documentary!

Elephant in the room: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance.) Part One.

People are always interested in SSDI and what it entails, what it's like, just generally everything about it.  They also have the misinformed idea that it's a livable amount of money. That it is somehow living on easy street and that it's permanent.  It's none of those things.   This post is going to discuss my … Continue reading Elephant in the room: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance.) Part One.

What Wednesday – Buy Nothing Project

What Wednesday!  It's whatever I want it to be and today, What Wednesday is going to be about WHAT I have found helpful myself!  I'm going to post resources periodically that have helped me on my journey to FI and debt free and frankly more importantly: My journey to not being completely impoverished while disabled … Continue reading What Wednesday – Buy Nothing Project

Flashback Friday

  I'm going back through the journals I have kept since I discovered F.I.R.E. and began working towards it so that I may share some success, losses, and trials and tribulations along the way. Check out the previous flashback here. October 24, 2012: I recently moved much closer to work/doctors/school, so hopefully the gas bill … Continue reading Flashback Friday