Sh*t hits the fan y’all.

I ended 2018 on such a high note. Six years after discovering Mr. Money Mustache, I finally met all the financial goals I set out to complete in a year. I had an emergency fund, got my mortgage under $50k, and paid off my credit cards. And then, 2019 came in - pardon me - like … Continue reading Sh*t hits the fan y’all.


Guys. It’s a new year and I am terrified.

All last year I worked towards goals that I set the year before. For the first time - I actually did it. I succeeded. Honestly? It freaked me out. I know what failure looks like. I know what to do after failing. I know what comes next. Now? What the hell comes next you guys? … Continue reading Guys. It’s a new year and I am terrified.

Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability you must meet federally established requirements for "permanent and total disability," including being unable to work for over a year in the future.  You also must have completed enough work credits (worked enough reported full time hours) to qualify for the insurance benefit.  I believe I only … Continue reading Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.