Flippin’ Friday – Pepsi Edition

This dang Pepsi Machine.
My brother snagged it for free before it went to the dump. Perfectly great machine, completely reconditioned. It just needed to go. Super lucky my brother has a trailer and ability to grab.

We both thought this would be an easy sale. In excellent condition with maintenance records and retails for over $1,000 with reconditioned items going for $800.

This asshole Pepsi Machine took months to sell. I wrote and rewrote ads. I did Facebook, Offerup, and even, eventually…craigslist.

I fielded at least 40 messages from people with questions, people who flaked out and didn’t show, people who had no idea what it was I was even selling. They are bananas.

It took 4 months to sell this monster. One of the main reasons it was difficult was the weight, and transporting it. Also, it was more stressful because I couldn’t do the sale myself, but had to mediate everything with my brother based on his schedule and availability.

Finally, we both were sick of the damn thing, and sold it for $250. We split this.

Paid: $0 Free
Received: $100

Based on the amount of time and effort I put in on this my hourly wage was NOT above minimum for this sale. It was free, which is what makes this of any value, but it was a huge pain in the tush.

I avoid large items due to transportation issues, and my lack of ability to handle them. It makes life easier. This flippin Friday was profitable, but stressful.

What have you flipped lately?


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