Ways to Save: My Nana’s bar soap trick.

My Nana showed me this years ago and I still do it to this day.  In fact, when she passed in 2011 I kept all those little cheap eggs full of knee high stockings in her dresser to use for this purpose.  I’m set for life!

It’s pretty simple.  Take a knee high stocking (or any stocking cut to size – longer the stocking the more use you’ll get out of it).  Put your bar of soap in it.  I like to twist the stocking up at the top and make a loop before tying a knot so that it can hook from my hanging shower organizer.

Then you just get the bar wet, rub it on a wash cloth and it foams like the dickens.  Then hang it to try.  It never gets gooey or slimy (::shudder::) and dries right out.  Lasts forever this way.

Another bonus: as the bar hangs down it tends to stretch the stocking.  By the time you are ready to add a new bar (usually when I get down to about 1/3 of a bar I add another one and smoosh them together) you can cut the knotted loop off the top, put in the new bar, and have enough length to make another knotted loop.   You might be able to get away with that 2-3 times.   I can usually only do it twice due to my lack of dexterity, but I’d love to know if you were able to keep it going even longer. Some people are able to undo the knot, but that’s just not happening for me, LOL!



  1. Funny enough, learned the pantyhose soap trick from my father. Saw it tons in the scouts too. It’s a legit soap saver. I had forgotten about it!

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