Snow Storm Challenge 2018: Final update

A few final updates on Snow Storm Challenge 2018. I made it 2.5 weeks without buying food. Honestly, had I had no choice in the matter – in a true emergency – I could have went another 2-3 weeks and met my caloric needs.

My major hurdle was that I was completely out of vegetables of any kind and had a load of carbs left. It wouldn’t be grand to continue as is with my diabetes!

I had actually intended to push it a little while longer. I was hoping to hit three weeks, but with the major health issues of my dog’s stroke and stress, and hours in the emergency vet, I ate out. I ate out. I ate from the vending machine. I ate more. I may have been stress eating some. Or a lot.

Thankfully, he is all better, the bill is taken care of and I went to the grocery store and have ALL THE VEGETABLES! Life is good.

I did save a good amount of money by not grocery shopping for two weeks and not buying coffee. That always helps the bottom line and makes it worth it. However, spending on vegetables is always a good feeling.
I love my local “fruit stand” or “liquidation” place. Look at all this food:

$12.84! Isn’t that amazeballs? I am still eating off some of this nearly two weeks later.
I have cooked two squashes, made baba ganoush with the egg plant, ate 2lbs of green beans with basalmic caramelized red onions (SO MUCH FIBER), tomato salad with cress and cucumbers, peppers with baba ganoush, straight ate oranges over the sink, and did end up throwing out the kale as it turned very quickly (sad day.) I’ve still got the yellow squash, onions, peppers, one cress, and cabbage to finish.

Come January I will be starting my 4th or 5th? Whole30. The last couple of years I have been cleaning up my diet and it has made a huge impact on my inflammation, chronic illnesses, energy levels, and anxiety. It’s amazing what sugar does to my GAD. The above picture? Just goes to show Whole30’s don’t need to be uber expensive.

I’ll be chronically that, and doing videos and what not well into January. There will also be some important financials news and announcements coming in the next week or so, and new goals for 2019 are being worked on as well.

Best wishes my friends!




  1. It would be interesting trying this kind of challenge but first setting yourself up for more fruits and vegetables. We’d run out quickly as well this time of year except for pickled stuff. Now summertime when the garden is in full swing is a completely different story.


  2. Eating healthy really does have a difference on my mental health as well. And is one of my goals of the new year.
    As for squash, I love roasting a kabocha squash in evoo & sea salt. Then throwing it in the freezer for lunches later (with quinoa or a salad). Can you stock up on frozen veggies to fill the void for a future challenge?


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