Giving – The gift of YOU.

It took over a month of reflection to figure out what my goals for this year were to be. At the end of 2018 I completed all of my financial goals. If you have been following along you know that January screwed some of that up, but we’re back on track and well on our way to repairing the damage.

But in January, before everything happened, I was feeling at a loss. My remaining financial goal of paying off my house was going to take years to accomplish and I was floundering trying to determine what 2019 was about. What were the values I was trying to live?

Last year I determined that I would be more giving as I felt I was not giving enough. What I discovered at the the end of the year was that I was far more giving than I had realized. While I never donated large amounts I did consistently support go fund me’s, give away more than I realized on BUY NOTHING, and did charitable giving through Giving Tuesday and sponsored other events. I had told myself I wasn’t a giving person. Turns out: I am. This fed into more self awareness and value work and I come to terms with my new 2019 personal goals. I think it also goes to prove that we tell ourselves lies sometimes, and being self aware/tracking things is important in life.

I’m happy with the level of fiscal giving I’ve maintained and am going to continue that level into 2019. What is new is that I’m working to give more of my time. I have committed to donating 100 hours through volunteering with charity organizations or giving of my time for projects/assistance in my local Buy Nothing group or other community projects.

It is important to me to clarify that all 100 hours are not going to be to a charity group and nor do I think they should be. I think volunteering to take someone grocery shopping who is trying to change their diet, is a gift of your time. I believe taking someone new to exercising on a slow walk and giving up your solo faster run, is giving of your time. The idea, to me, is that giving your time is giving your time. Period. Provided that that time is in service of another person: It doesn’t have to be food bank all the time. Although some of it will be 🙂 This has the added benefit of community building. As I get older I am finding this to be something so very important.

I think sometimes it is easier to give money than time – especially if you have more money than time – but that is what makes the gift of time so darn valuable. If 100 hours is out of your reach, go with 10. Start somewhere. Helping others not only feed’s their souls, but your own in turn. Best wishes and much love my friends!


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