You remember my three financial goals of 2018?  I completed the first goal, then the second goal, and now, I MADE IT!  I completed the third goal!  

To refresh for those of you who have missed it – I set three goals for 2018.  They are as follows: 
1) Emergency fund of $1,000 
2) Credit card debt free
3) Mortgage under $50,000. 

I sent in little bits and extra all year and now finally at the end of the year I was able to flip some things and sell of few of my own things and get the house under 50k.  Or so I thought. 
I submitted the payment and I waited and waited and waited for it to post and then it did!  And my balance was $50,000.81.  

Yes. I was pissed. 
So I made a $1 payment.  Yep. Did that. 
Waited and waited and waited and NOW: 

Proud owner of a $49,999.81 mortgage! Yahoo!! 

Dance.  Dance.  Dance. πŸ™‚ 

For you guys, it must seem like, “Wow. All her goals just right away, barely any time. I have yeeeeeaaarrrsss to go,” the trick here is that you are seeing 6 years of work and toil FINALLY PAYING OFF. 

I started my FI journey in 2012.  What you haven’t seen is the lawsuits, car accident, car loan, student loans, medical debt, and more that were dealt with before this point.  It’s like that iceberg photo?  The inspirational one with just the little iceberg on top, but all the work below?  It’s exactly like that. 

Overnight success – six years in the making.  I just didn’t start blogging for real until now.  I felt I had to have some of my shit together.  Had some wisdom I’d learned and could share. 

Here we are folks: I did it.  I actually managed to complete all three goals I set for myself and now I’m wondering what is next?  What is 2019 going to look like?  I’ve actively been not thinking too hard about it, but next week I’m going to have a sit down and figure out these new goals. 

I am here for you.  I know the toil.  It takes so much time, but once you get rolling and adapted to things (like no TP or whatever else you have given up- ha!) it does get easier and more routine.  My hope for you is while your challenges are challenging, your soul is being fed by every little success and you are being kind to yourself.  I can’t wait to hear from you about what goals you have made in 2018 and what your plans are for 2019.  We can do it together! 



      • I feel that! We didn’t meet our 2018 goal (10k towards student loans. We are just over 7k, so we got close!), so I know that’s the goal that I want to hit next year. And then our stretch goal is 15k towards student loans, but doubles the amount that we threw towards them this year.


    • I think DGF does not mean what I think it means here. LOL! Thank you for the support! It’s been six years in the making. Whew. Getting there! Honestly, I can’t seem to even wrap my mind around the fact that I hit 2018 and it’s making it hard to sit down and think about 2019. We’ll get there!


      • Oh no! Please edit my comment as needed.

        Envious of your accomplishments. May I reach my goal one day (soon) without continued self sabotaging. I really think I must clip the CCs. Even though I don’t use them often, I use them big. Sigh. May I learn on day.

        To 2019!


  1. The self sabotage is real. I did it too. Over and over again, And especially when getting close to completing this goal. Winning? I can’t win! I LOSE! That’s what I DO! I have impulse issues too, so I finally realized I just couldn’t be in charge of credit cards and my best friend holds onto them now. If I ask, she just gives it, but having that extra barrier saves me from 95% of my damage.

    I didn’t realized DGF = disabled girl on fire, I get it now!


  2. This is so encouraging! I am on the other end, and my 2019 goals are to pay off all credit card debt and save up $2,000 before tackling my car loan and $10K in 2020. I tried this back in 2013, failed, and am finally trying again…so, once more, let me say THANK YOU!

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    • You are welcome! πŸ™‚ That is why I am here. There are people out there with low income, or health struggles/disabilities (or both) and while our path to FI or debt free may look different or take longer, we can still do it! Take heart – you are not alone. You can do this!

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