Blog Anniversary!

You guys. I almost let my one year blog anniversary go by without calling attention to it. That does not work for me! This needs to be noted.

Why? Well, this is the first time I’ve stuck with anything this long without getting some sort of reward for doing it.

Blogging is tough folks. There are a few positive comments here there, but it’s mostly just for your own edification. That and putting thoughts or ideas into the ether and hoping they land and help others.

I have a total of $15 pending in ad revenue that will not pay out until I exceed $100. I’m paying $135 a year for hosting/domain, and I opened a mail box in order to not use my physical address for the WHOIS at $219 annually. (PS: If you have advice about this, please comment or email!)

You could almost say I’m paying for the privilege of torturing myself with very little feedback and the surging unknown. HA.

I’ve gained a lot though. I’ve learned I can commit and hold to it. Despite health and illness, despite depression and anxiety, this is something I’ve managed to keep up.

52 articles and more coming! If I had thought about the number of words or pages involved I would have gotten scared off. For sure. But I’ve managed it.

The biggest thing I am taking from this one year blog experience is that I can commit to something. I CAN do this much writing. I can manage a website (not saying I did it well…) and I can wrangle and learn about small business.

Just the knowledge I have gained about myself is the worth the cost. I am capable of more than I believed I was a year ago. I proved it. My mind is expanded!

I’m spending time deciding how I can baby step into a higher commitment for this coming year, mostly resolving to find some sort of consistency in posting. Being able to not commit to a certain time or day, made keeping the commitment of blogging possible. I’d like to be more consistent over the coming year, but I’m wrestling with how to frame that for myself in a way that doesn’t make me anxious.

Wish me luck my friends! And welcome to year two!



  1. Congrats on the year!
    I am not how much I actually earn with financial coaching but will start to track in 2019. I have loved Virtual post mail for an address and it is only $10/mo and I dont think that is promotional rate so may save you a bit? The only prob is that the closest to Wash is a Cali address but since it is virtual that has not been a problem for me yet.

    Lynn Frair


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