Practical steps ahead.

Thank you, everyone, for your emails, comments, and support. I am incredibly grateful for them! I had a few weeks of just overwhelmed and rudderless, but over the last week or so found my footing. I was so angry at first, here I am FIRE blogging, building an office to coach people, and now I'm … Continue reading Practical steps ahead.


Fire Journey: Disrupted

All those well laid plans for 2019 have NOT worked out, but that's okay, because if I've learned one thing in this life it is how to pivot PIVOT pivot(!) and recover. From January's negative income month, to February's barely there income, to the IRS tax bills I didn't understand I would be receiving and … Continue reading Fire Journey: Disrupted

Real life; not fantasy.

In real life things often come up that interfere with our fantasies of how debt pay off or investment build up will look like. We plan and plan and plan some more and sh*t happens. That's just life. By the way, I'm saying this with amusement, not dour sadness and frustration. If things went to … Continue reading Real life; not fantasy.

Challenge: Snow storm 2018

As discussed in previous posts I regularly do pantry challenges to keep up rotation, prevent expiration, and use up those odd ball items.  It challenges my creativity, beats back my sugar dragon, and is a kindness to my pocket book.  I call this challenge: The Snow Storm Challenge.  I was inspired several years ago by a … Continue reading Challenge: Snow storm 2018

You CAN stock up! Being poor is expensive. I have a work around.

One of the adages that I hear a lot is: being poor is expensive.   One day my dad heard this and laughed because it sounded dumb to him.  I took a moment to explain a few examples where it rang very true. Costco.  Let's take an old favorite of mine now, toilet paper (heh).  Toilet … Continue reading You CAN stock up! Being poor is expensive. I have a work around.

Social Security: Part 5 Medical/ Medicare

I was fortunate for some time.  Since I was determined to be disabled under a certain age I was able to stay on my mom's health insurance plan for many years.  My mom bore the burden of this cost for over a decade.  The amount of which I only realized much, much later when it … Continue reading Social Security: Part 5 Medical/ Medicare