October Road to $1k Challenge

New month, friends! Unemployment for high risk individuals is over. My goal for October is to find ways to earn $1k while limiting my risk and Covid exposure as much as possible. Can I do it? Time will tell.

On both I guess – earning and exposure. ::shrug::

I will be sharing what steps I am taking to earn money in my stories on Instagram, as well as posting periodic updates here. Follow along and wish me successes!

Find below links to a weekly tracker I made to track your money making activities and a coloring page to color some pumpkins up as you make progress. Chose your October goal – while mine is $1K, choose what is reasonable, but a bit of a push. And good luck!

Link for coloring page.

Link for weekly tracker.

Have fun guys, and follow to keep up with doings. I just posted on my stories what happened today. It’s pretty good.

As always, if you want to credit me for my labor or received anything of use, the link to my ABLE fund is all over the blog.

Let’s do this!




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