October Road to $1k Challenge: Week One

Week one has concluded and I must say I am feeling pretty good, friends. I visited a couple thrift stores and snagged a few items to flip. Let’s get started!

Each day I filled out the tracker I created – and am giving away free – with what I did to move my goal along.

Each day I wrote in if I thrifted an item, cleaned it, listed it, or did some social media work that might earn funds. Keeping track helps remind you that you ARE doing things, or, LOL, that you NEED to be doing things.

I thrifted and sold two chairs this week.

I scrubbed the wood and washed the cushions. Let me tell you, putting the foam back in those cushions was AWFUL. I don’t think it was intended to be removed. I paid $10+ tax, so $11 for the chair. It retails for $250. I listed it for $125 (following my own 50% of new rule), and it sold for $100. The best part was the guy didn’t even want the cushions! So I have those listed for sale, and perhaps this $11 purchase will go even further. Profit: $89

As you can see in the photo, I staged the chair in front of my office. With the light being less so now that we are moving into fall, sometimes interior photos just don’t look great. So I staged my driveway in front of the office with a rug, pillow, faux plant, and some other decor. Staging really helps to move an item.

Coloring the pumpkin on my coloring sheet I created – and am also giving away for free. It just keeps you motivated to color in those pumpkins, or that red thermometer bulb.

And the next day this chair sold:

I paid $7 + tax = $7.70
Listed for $30
Sold for $30
Profit: $22.30

Colored in more of the pumpkins!

Final tally of week one: $111.30 towards my road to $1k challenge. I’m extremely happy with this first – only three day! – week.

Week two here we come!


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