Week 2 Results – October Road to $1k Challenge

What did I do for week two to reach my goals?

  • Emailed pet sitting clients
  • Updated pet sitting Facebook
  • Thrifted (unsuccessfully)
  • Searched FBMP and Offerup for free flippable items
  • Sent many responses on Facebook Marketplace and Offerup
  • Renewed or reposted listings
  • Posted a blog
  • Shared the post on social
Weekly tracker

I did not manage to sell a dang thing this week! I did lose basically all of Thursday to having to drive to Seattle to UW Medical Center for testing they only have up there. Which is bonkers to me – they are the only place that has the equipment in the PNW? Anyway, so that lost me a day. Honestly, probably a day and a half. Between prep the day before, and not feeling great for a bit the day after, but that’s done.

We did have some early success with my pet sitting email though! Client booked and paid for upcoming stay netting $229.25 after taxes/expenses.

Weekly Tracker / Coloring page.

A comment: if you have a business where a client is booking your time I highly suggest going to a no refund policy. I have a very clear policy that I do not hold your dates until the invoice is paid (I am not turning away paying clients banking on your coming through), and I do not issue refunds, as I cannot make up the time. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. I’m not for you.

In the past, I had clients say, “I don’t want a refund, just give me a future credit.” They think they are being generous, but they are stealing from future me’s income. If your dog is taking a spot in the future, I will have no income for that spot during that time. When you are self employed, and low income with a service based job – you cannot make up the missed income, and offering credit is just stealing from your future self. Consider it. I literally had only ONE client who took issue with this, and she got over it and stayed a client.

All that said, I do refund if a dog passes away. Often times the clients will tell me to keep it all as a thank you for caring for their pup. I think I’ve issued 3 refunds in 5 years. Just something to think about, friends.

Filling in those pumpkins: Best feeling ever.

There are five weeks in October, if we say $200 a week is the goal, I’ve fallen a bit short. I’m listing an item I was considering keeping to bring up the difference.

Current total: $340.55 / $1,000

Pumpkin tracker

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