Final Results – Road to $1K Challenge

What did I do for week five to reach my goals?

  • Posted blog
  • Shared blog links on social and in groups.
  • Searched FBMP and Offerup for free flippable items
  • Cleaned items from last week
  • Renewed or reposted listings
  • Shared referral links on social
  • Launched first affiliate brand deal
  • Posted new items for sale
  • Did back end website stuff
  • Appealed SBA EIDL denial
Picture of tracker.

I did 3 meetups for sales this week and NONE of them went smoothly. My first meetup was for chairs, and the woman showed up in a sedan for two bar height chairs. We got them in her car, but it was a THING. The second meetup was for the faux plant I listed, and she was 25 minutes late, with zero communication and no acknowledgement of her tardiness.

That pisses me off. I know stuff happens and I’m always cognizant that maybe data wasn’t working or there was an issue and you couldn’t message me, but when you do not even acknowledge how late you are when you show up? Not even apologize – just acknowledge it? GRRRR. You get 3 stars, lady.

And the final one. Whew. Last week’s thrifting yielded a new in box set of spice jars. I was in town at an oncology appt for my dog and agreed to text her when I was leaving to stop at her work on the way home. I told her I was on my way, she acknowledged it, I arrived. I waited 15 minutes, messaging her politely several times and then I left. I had been in the vet’s office parking lot for 90 minutes and was dying for a rest room.

Ten minutes later she messages me back, apologizes, said she was caught with a customer and I could have come in and used bathroom. I didn’t go in, because I didn’t know what kind of work place she had, and I did not want to get her in trouble for arranging sales meetups at work.

I tell her if she wants to meet near my place after work to message me.

So I meet her 2 hours later and it’s done. Usually meetups are 5 minutes, without issues, but this week was garbage! Ate up loads of extra time.

All that netted $65.

I got a pet sitting booking for $115!

But the real win this week was the kindness of my community.

  • $20 Venmo gift
  • $10 Affiliate earnings
  • $40 Rakuten referral

And when I picked up mail from my box this Sunday there was a card. I love mail. I love cards. The fact that someone took the time to address and mail me a card is ::chef’s kiss::.

This card had no return address, no writing on the card itself, but it DID have $100 in cash inside. That, is just insane! Thank you kind friend and supportive community member. I am so grateful.

The support of my community is why I completed my Road to $1k Challenge!!

Coming in, after costs, to $1,048.30!

There are several items from thrifting that have yet to sell, but I expect they will at some point. And one item in particular I need to finished cleaning/testing before posting that should net some funds.

Pet sitting income is uncertain with the holidays coming up. And of course, I’ll keep plugging away on social/and blog in the future.

Every month is like this monthly challenge. Trying to cobble together $1k from a variety of sources. Blogging and posting on social, along with the trackers and the coloring page made it more of a game sometimes, but also, sometimes? More stressful.

With those difficult meet ups, there were times in the past I would have driven away. But we had a challenge this month! So I ate the poor treatment I was given. I know we’ve all had to do that at some point or another and y’all can relate.

It’s also harder to stay on top of the sales/listings/messaging/meetups when I have a lot of doctor appointments or have pet sitting clients. Sometimes, I’m just too tired to do it all.

One thing I have learned from pet sitting again after such a long break is that I really cannot watch the dogs that do not sleep through the night for very long. Not sleeping is the #1 cause of worsening heart symptoms for me. There has to be a line where it is just not worth it. It is so very hard to determine that line, when there aren’t a lot of other choices, but I’m going to have to make the judgement at some point.

November is a new month, and I’ll be posting a new and different challenge this week! While there was some pressure during the October challenge – there was also more accountability. I liked that. I just need to find the line here too. So my personal November challenge will be shared soon.

If you learned anything from my labor or want to offer support, please consider a small donation. ABLE is best, but I understand it may not work for everyone. As an alternative consider Cash AppVenmo, or Paypal. Thank you for your support and generosity.



  1. Congratulations Tami!!! I’ve been following your blog and am so happy for you that you reached your goal!

    Re: dogs and sleeping through the night, after years of poor sleeping and feeling wretched I finally moved both my dogs to crates that are NOT in my room. Initially it felt “mean” but the extra sleep has absolutely been worth it and the dogs don’t seem to mind much. I would fully expect and support the same for a pet sitter.


    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the support – on bad days seeing the cheers is EVERYTHING.
      Unfortunately, these particular guest dogs are seniors and cannot hold their bladders overnight – their cries are to alert me to their distressed bladders. They may need someone who can better accommodate middle of the night potties.


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