2022 is POWERFUL.

Did you miss me?

If you follow me on Instagram you know all the things, but if not: I want to share a follow up to my January post launching my Patreon.

I’ve accomplished more than I dreamed possible and I’m so incredibly proud.

Shifting as much energy as I can from the work hustle to community hustle has brought me bounteous joy. I love what I’m doing and I love the impact I’m able to have.

For years, I was denied opportunities to volunteer, offer support, or help because I’m chronically ill and my availability is unpredictable, If I couldn’t adhere to a schedule I wasn’t wanted. STORY OF MY LIFE.

I figured out how to do it my way. I launched this Patreon. I became admin for Buy Nothing. I coordinated with multiple groups when I could and I have done the damn thing! On my unpredictable schedule, with my unpredictable availability and my limited energy.

At this point in 2022, I have gifted, sorted, cleaned and repaired well over 2,000 items. 2,000 items that would have went to Goodwill or the trash are now in the hands of my neighbors and community members. When we build strong and interconnected communities we become resilient communities.

When we ascend to more stability, we reach back and lift others up with us.

We’re just over a year into running a food pantry on the side of my house. This is mostly community sourced and stocked – once it was established, I just keep an eye on it for the most part.

I’ve donated over $9,000 in prescription medication to the Wyoming Department of Health to be distributed to those who cannot afford their medications. Another box going out soon!

I’m so proud of the work I’ve done, and I’ve been supported to take it so much farther than I ever could have done alone because of the support from my Patrons on Patreon.com/disabledgirlonfire, but also the amazing supporters in the FI community (you know who you are!) who have shot off one time donations to my Cash APP and Venmo (both disabledgirlonfire).


I have finite energy and time, and being able to allocate it to something that brings me so much joy and is fulfilling and rewarding is an incredible gift.

I wouldn’t be here without the nearly 12 years of work I’ve done within the FIRE community to become debt free. It’s the only reason I can afford to be generous with my limited energy and time. I thank me for my hard work, I thank the FIRE community for their support – and occasional face punches. I thank every person who ever commented on any blog, social media post, bulletin board post, all of it. I wouldn’t be here without you and what a loss that would be to my community over the last several years.

I didn’t just start doing what I do this year, I started several years ago, but asking for support and launching my Patreon is what allows me to do it at this level. I want to encourage all of you to find a small way to support and build your community. Every little bit matters, all of it adds up. The small things I did before matter just as much as the big things I’m doing now.

Every gifted piece of clothing, jar of food, pair of shoes, piece of furniture, or half hour of your time helping, makes an impact. You too can make a difference.


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