Emergency fund: Funded!

Short post, but I'm too excited to wait. After much up and down and back and forth I finally hit my goal of having a $1,000 emergency fund! All year long I've been struggling to put money away into an emergency fund as I realized that until I had one I would never stop cycling on … Continue reading Emergency fund: Funded!


Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

For the last twenty plus years I have wrestled with guilt. I call it, “survivor’s guilt,” as a riff on the original meaning. I survive today because programs exist to support people with disabilities at a rate far greater than the past. Yet there is such a stigma attached to using them when your disability … Continue reading Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability you must meet federally established requirements for "permanent and total disability," including being unable to work for over a year in the future.  You also must have completed enough work credits (worked enough reported full time hours) to qualify for the insurance benefit.  I believe I only … Continue reading Social Security (SSDI): The numbers. Part two.