Emergency fund: Funded!

Short post, but I’m too excited to wait. After much up and down and back and forth I finally hit my goal of having a $1,000 emergency fund! 

All year long I’ve been struggling to put money away into an emergency fund as I realized that until I had one I would never stop cycling on and off credit card debt.  It was really hard to build that emergency fund up and watch it decimated over and over again this year.   

But that is the point of the thing.  To use it, and not your credit card.  By doing that I was able to continue paying off the credit card debt without ever increasing the balance, but instead dip into my stash of emergency money.  

My first goal was $500.  Once I met that I began to work on $1,000.  I haven’t officially set goals for next year yet, because I still have one more financial goal for 2018. 

Financial Goals for 2018:
1. Credit card debt free  I DID IT!

2. Emergency fund to $1,000 I DID IT!

3. Mortgage under $50,000 – I am $201 from this goal.  I will get it done this year, but if I can accomplish it by November 30th, I’m giving myself a special treat to celebrate the very first time I have EVER hit any of the financial goals I set each year.  I set them each year, and I stretch and do better than I would have had I not tried, but I never quite. get. there.  This year, I finally will! 



    • It’s REAL isn’t it? I fought it for five years, because I thought, “why would I want my little soldiers earning no money for me, just sitting there when I could pay off debt that is costing me interest?” Five years of fighting the debt cycle happens. “Oh, that’s why.” SERIOUSLY.

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