You remember my three financial goals of 2018?  I completed the first goal, then the second goal, and now, I MADE IT!  I completed the third goal!  To refresh for those of you who have missed it - I set three goals for 2018.  They are as follows: 1) Emergency fund of $1,000 2) Credit card debt free3) … Continue reading HUGE NEWS! GOAL!


Results: Snow Storm Challenge Week Two

Hello all!  Here is what I have to say to begin week two: I miss bubble water.  I love carbonated water.  Doesn't even need a flavor.  It makes up the majority of my liquid consumption and BOY do I miss it!  Tap water.  Ick.  Meh, getting used to it.  Freebies this week: Chick Fil A gave … Continue reading Results: Snow Storm Challenge Week Two