Results: Snow Storm Challenge Week Two

Hello all!  Here is what I have to say to begin week two: I miss bubble water.  I love carbonated water.  Doesn’t even need a flavor.  It makes up the majority of my liquid consumption and BOY do I miss it!  Tap water.  Ick.  Meh, getting used to it. 

Freebies this week: 
Chick Fil A gave me a breakfast sammie for free.  Vast improvement over their last gift.  Panera gifted me with 33 days of free bagels.  I am not near Panera often, but did manage to snag one this week (and a 1/2 a cream cheese!)  
Starbucks gave me a reward and I used it on egg bites.  I also finished off my gift card, so no more coffee until this is over.   A client brought me a Starbuck’s draft coffee (SO GOOD) and a cookie from Metropolitan market. What. A. Cookie. 
A different client gave me a bag of microwave ready red potatoes and some frozen thin sliced beef roast.  I ate dinner at my parent’s place one night. 

All was well until Wednesday when I went BONKERS.  It took me a while to figure out what happened.  I was stressed out, anxious,  and I just wanted coffee and food and this challenge is stupid and WAHHHHH!!  So I ended up with coffee, and several food items from Starbucks.  Then the day goes on and I eat Taco Bell for lunch!  Ack!  I realized today that the increased dose of steroids I am on right now likely had a lot to do with it. 

However, I also think perhaps only having two very gross meals to come home to had taken its toll on me, LOL.  I tossed one out, cause it was just that BAD.  I’m still working on the last one.  It will be my dinner. 

Conclusion: I am out of vegetables.  I don’t feel it healthful to continue without them.  I’ve set a budget of $10-$15 for vegetables ONLY.  I’ll continue to work my way through what else in in my pantry and freezer without purchasing additional food.  Let’s pretend a truck made it’s way through the storm and delivered some veggies to my door.  I also made the realization about the steroids AFTER I recorded the video above so some of the views have changed a bit for me. 

Big news post coming next week on Tuesday!  Big. BIG.  It would be a BIG MISTAKE to miss it. Big. Got it? 


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