Week 4 Results – October Road to $1k Challenge

What did I do for week four to reach my goals?

  • Posted blog
  • Shared blog links on social and in groups.
  • Thrifted twice ($72 I need to earn out.)
  • Searched FBMP and Offerup for free flippable items
  • Sent many responses on Facebook Marketplace and Offerup
  • Renewed or reposted listings
  • Posted on social for freelance work
  • Cleaned out office and posted my desk.
  • Texted follow ups with petsitting clients
  • Shared referral links on social
  • Posted Sponsorship opportunity (explained below.)

Whew! Quite a bit happened this week. I did lose Tuesday to cleaning post a pet sitting weekend. It does vary depending on the dogs how much clean up is necessary post pet sit, but this weekend took me an entire day to get the house back to rights.

I did a lot of work on social media this week. I’m learning and I think doing a better job on it. I know if I was more regular the blog and social would grow, but sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. That’s just how it is. Let’s go through the week, eh?

One wonderful client tipped me $50 on their stay! Yahoo! These kinds of things are once in a blue moon and SO appreciated. I booked a pet sitting stay for next month at $115 (after taxes/fees). I spent over 10 hrs this week cleaning and cleaning out the office. It had become a catch all and was holding everything I couldn’t figure out what to do with. I listed a few things, gave away the rest on Buy Nothing and opened the office back up to be a workable space. It’s where I am working right now!

I decided the desk was too large for the space and swapped a piece out of the house to use as a desk. I listed it for a firm $125 and sold it that day.

Social media posting worked out as someone messaged me about wanting to contribute to my ABLE account, but they had issues when trying to contribute and instead did a VENMO of $20! YAHOO! (I will make sure this gets into my ABLE account.)

No photo description available.

Now these freeze dried meals I purchased before the pandemic in anticipation of doing some camping trips. I never used them, and they were approaching expiration so I listed them 4 months ago. And I renewed the listing and I relisted and nothing from no one, even though I priced them so competitively! These things are EXPENSIVE. I mean, they had no idea I bought them on clearance with discounts/coupons!

As time passed, they eventually expired. August. I was prompted by Facebook to repost them and decided to give it one last shot. I always disclose all details – so I did not leave out the best by date! I was honestly surprised when someone responded. They were driving from Seattle to Chehalis, and asked if I would meet them along the way. I had them listed for $40 originally, but $25 was reasonable now that they were past date. That person scored honestly. $2.50 per freeze dried meal? I know best by date had passed, but freeze dried food is technically good for 20+ years and is often $8 a pouch.

To my surprise someone else responded to the original commenter’s Venmo post, and sent another $10. Yeehaw! Come here and let me color you, you lobe of pumpkin, you.

I thrifted twice, spending $72. I anticipate recovering that, but I got excited and colored the pumpkins including that amount. I haven’t been thus far, as I’ve been removing the costs and only coloring pumpkins for profit. So keep that in mind.

And finally, sponsorship. With Instagram, I’ve been successful periodically offering sponsorships. Once every few months. Generally, on an item I haven’t been able to / don’t think can sell well, but has some sunk cost. In the past, I asked for a bicycle trailer I completely redid (including painting) to be sponsored, as the paint wasn’t expertly done, and I didn’t feel I could sell it. Would anyone be willing to cover my out of pocket costs and then I would gift it on Buy Nothing to someone in my community?

Yes! I’ve done it 3 times and someone has always sponsored within 24 hrs. Last night I decided to offer another sponsorship. I’ve a large amount of high end dog food that I bought with coupons/deals.

And BAM. Within 5 minutes someone sponsored it! This is so great, because my out of pocket costs are covered, someone gets to do a good thing, and a local shelter receives food. This kind sponsor sent an extra $15 for “delivery.” It is much appreciated and went towards coloring these darn pumpkins!

Keep in mind, I got ahead of myself a little by coloring in pumpkins this week without taking into account expenses – thrifting costs of $72, but we’re getting there!

Weekly Total $360 (Minus $72 in thrifting that should profit once items sell.) With ONE exception. I wrote an Instagram post regarding a thrifting fail. Read about it here.

Closing in on the end! Do you think I can hit my $1k by the end of week 5?

I hope this goes to show those out there who think chronically ill/disabled people are lazy and don’t want to work how wrong they are. In fact, my family often says I work harder for my $1k than they do for theirs – can’t I just get a job? Sigh. They are halfway there. They almost get it. No. I can’t. I never know what my abilities will be when I wake up each day. I never know if today is the day I push it and I feel better for having done it, or if today is the day I push it and I end up in bed for a week.

Either way, I get up, and I keep going. Onto week 5!

If you learned anything from my labor or want to offer support, please consider a small donation. ABLE is best, but I understand it may not work for everyone. As an alternative consider Cash AppVenmo, or Paypal. Thank you for your support and generosity.


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