Hello, my friends.

Things are difficult right now. I lost Grace suddenly and unexpectedly and am grieving. I have developed new health issues. Yes, new, as in more. I’ve had an MRI, worn a heart monitor, had a treadmill stress test and am scheduled for an upcoming echo.

My nerve condition has appeared to worsen, or may even be a new diagnosis. I’m working with a neurologist on this with hopes to rule out MS.

I’ve developed a heart condition that will require a minor surgery/procedure if everything looks okay on the echo. I’m working with a cardiologist on this.

My nerve issues and other issues maybe related to an inflammatory illness that has been considered idiopathic for years, but may have progressed enough for a formal diagnosis now. I’m working with a rheumatologist on this.

Subclinical hyperthyroidism seems to be an ongoing issues as well and after some tests it may be time to kill that gland dead. I’m working with my endocrinologist on this.

Suffice it to say, I’m very tired. I don’t have a lot of capacity at this point. I’m doing a dietary overhaul and working to implement the Wahl’s protocol. I’m only allowed 1/2 cup of coffee a day, and the new heart medication is causing some difficult side effects.

I’m contacting my dog boarding clients because it has been made clear to me that I have to reduce stress and that I may be out for a while due to surgery so I have to cut back.

Which means I’m going to lose most of my income and operate at a very low level. This is difficult as I had not yet replenished my emergency fund, nor have I fully paid off my debt – I made lots of progress, but it’s still there.

I’ve been working hard on converting my outbuilding into an office to do coaching for financial planning for low income / disabled individuals as well as assist them in travel hacking, but that’s stalled with pieces and parts everywhere. The drywall is down anyway. Tearing out the walls with my haphazard hands after Grapie died was very cathartic, so it happened fairly quickly.

I’m working to figure out what comes next. How do I support myself in the coming months? What options do I have? Converting the shed is going to take much longer than anticipated, and I’m not sure how long I’ll be out.

I’m reaching out to you, my friends, for ideas. Any suggestions on boosting my income while I’ll be mostly unable to do much? I’ve thought about maybe a patreon page, but what could I produce that you would be interested in friends?

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Prayers and good vibes are also welcome.

I will say, I did laugh at myself when I discovered I’d a broken heart, when my heart was broken. Life, man.

ETA: After much thought I edited this post to include this link. I’m being vulnerable, Brene Brown, I’m asking for help, Amanda Palmer, and I’m advocating for myself, Melissa Hartwig, as no one will fight as hard for me, as I will.



    • Me too on the anxiety. I can have one cup, and I have to drink it over about 4 hrs. Then I’m okay, but now I am supposed to go caffeine free, but have six bags I bought on clearance (like a year’s worth or more) of coffee. I can’t just go buy more! LOL! So I’m sticking with just my 1/2 cup.

      It’s just been a lot all at once, but I’m doing my best to handle it. Thanks for the support and thoughts!

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  1. Argh I’m so sorry for Gracie’s passing and the unexpected health developments. I’ve been thinking on how to generate other income as well (outside of using the slow and steady approach with Bing rewards and Swagbucks) and don’t have brilliant ideas for bigger earners but will definitely share if I come up with anything solid. I’ll be sending you all the good vibes in the meantime.


    • I appreciate it. Thank you! I’m lucky in that I don’t have huge expenses, so if I can source $500 a month I’ll scrape by the skin of my teeth. I’m looking at checking accounts with sign up bonuses right now to see I qualify for any. Going through the house for stuff to sell and more. I’ll figure it out. Always do!


  2. […] my income shortage meant that I went into debt for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, and developed health issues that required me to take the last six months of 2019 off from work and have heart procedure that […]


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