Practical steps ahead..

Thank you, everyone, for your emails, comments, and support. I am incredibly grateful for them!

I had a few weeks of just overwhelmed and rudderless, but over the last week or so found my footing.

I was so angry at first, here I am FIRE blogging, building an office to coach people, and now I’m broke with a gofundme? What the hell kind of example am I?!

A real one.

I experienced a slew of feelings including embarrassment and shame. I’m fighting the urge to hide myself, to show a rosy front, and downplay the severity of the difficulties I’m facing. But what good does that do anybody? If anything good can come from this, let it be shared.

I can be your cautionary tale if you have opportunities and are not taking them.

I can be your proof that there are systemic issues/difficulties and that people are not moral failures.

I can share all the tips and tricks I have learned after years of roller coaster events just like this. You get through it, you get out the other side, and you keep plugging away.

Yes, wail about it being unfair. Sit in that. Feel all your feelings. Know that you don’t have to be caught up in the cascade of them. Once that is done, the practical things of life must happen.

So. What is next?

I’m working on a series over the next few months of what I am personally taking responsibility to do to help myself. Yes, I am asking for help, but I am also doing everything I am capable of doing to help myself while managing my health and welfare.

Watch for this upcoming series featuring practical steps as well as tricks to keep your mental game on point over the next few months. I’m opening the blog up to guests posts from other wonderful FI bloggers as well. If you are a content creator and have something to say, please reach out!

Every bump in the road is an uncovered opportunity to help others.



  1. I’m sorry this is a particularly tough period right now but I have faith in you. We are doing well now but only after I spent so *many* years struggling with debt and my undiagnosed mystery medical issue(s). I had to change all my life plans and find what I could do that worked with my health, not against it. I’m your little cheering section here! And you’re right not to keep it all in, we can’t help if we don’t know that you need help.

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