You remember my three financial goals of 2018?  I completed the first goal, then the second goal, and now, I MADE IT!  I completed the third goal!  To refresh for those of you who have missed it - I set three goals for 2018.  They are as follows: 1) Emergency fund of $1,000 2) Credit card debt free3) … Continue reading HUGE NEWS! GOAL!


Results: Snow Storm Challenge Week Two

Hello all!  Here is what I have to say to begin week two: I miss bubble water.  I love carbonated water.  Doesn't even need a flavor.  It makes up the majority of my liquid consumption and BOY do I miss it!  Tap water.  Ick.  Meh, getting used to it.  Freebies this week: Chick Fil A gave … Continue reading Results: Snow Storm Challenge Week Two

Ways to save: Laundry and dish detergent

Like many people, I just bought my liquid detergent at the store.  I would buy whatever was least expensive, use coupons/bulk shop and call it.  Then I started getting involved in the DIY realm and started making my own detergent and laundry soap.    What I discovered over time was that the laundry soap was … Continue reading Ways to save: Laundry and dish detergent

Results: Snow Challenge Week 1

To reiterate: Eat as though you are home bound due to a snow storm. I have several rule exceptions to this, but that's the main idea. I began with mom's Thanksgiving leftovers and then moved onto my pantry/freezer.  There are a few pictures and a video below.  I'm fairly well stocked in my pantry, and my … Continue reading Results: Snow Challenge Week 1

Challenge: Snow storm 2018

As discussed in previous posts I regularly do pantry challenges to keep up rotation, prevent expiration, and use up those odd ball items.  It challenges my creativity, beats back my sugar dragon, and is a kindness to my pocket book.  I call this challenge: The Snow Storm Challenge.  I was inspired several years ago by a … Continue reading Challenge: Snow storm 2018

Ways to Save: My Nana’s bar soap trick.

My Nana showed me this years ago and I still do it to this day.  In fact, when she passed in 2011 I kept all those little cheap eggs full of knee high stockings in her dresser to use for this purpose.  I'm set for life! It's pretty simple.  Take a knee high stocking (or … Continue reading Ways to Save: My Nana’s bar soap trick.

You CAN stock up! Being poor is expensive. I have a work around.

One of the adages that I hear a lot is: being poor is expensive.   One day my dad heard this and laughed because it sounded dumb to him.  I took a moment to explain a few examples where it rang very true. Costco.  Let's take an old favorite of mine now, toilet paper (heh).  Toilet … Continue reading You CAN stock up! Being poor is expensive. I have a work around.

Goodbye to Paper Products : Toilet Paper

I know.  Once upon a time I was grossed out too.  Hear me out, okay? This started as a thought nearly six years ago.  Not my thought, but my best friend came up with it.  She had her first child and was doing cloth diapering and wipes.  One day, after many times wiping her kid's … Continue reading Goodbye to Paper Products : Toilet Paper