Side gig – Sign up bonuses

Working on SSDI means you are limited to $1,100 a month or you lose your benefits. Losing the income would be difficult, but losing the medical would be deadly. This said, during times when I am not so bad off I try to come up with ways to bring in additional income that is unearned. … Continue reading Side gig – Sign up bonuses


Guys. It’s a new year and I am terrified.

All last year I worked towards goals that I set the year before. For the first time - I actually did it. I succeeded. Honestly? It freaked me out. I know what failure looks like. I know what to do after failing. I know what comes next. Now? What the hell comes next you guys? … Continue reading Guys. It’s a new year and I am terrified.

I have a SECRET identity.

Before I was Disabled Girl on Fire.  I was Thriving Disabled.  This was a blog/podcast that I tried to launch anonymously.  Anonymity was a major problem.  I was trying to be all cloak and dagger, and I couldn't be outright fully honest.  I realized that by hiding and being stealthy I wasn't going to help … Continue reading I have a SECRET identity.

How I bought a house on SSDI with an income under $1,400 a month.

When I was 30 years old I had been on disability for six years.  I  worked 10-12 hrs a week at a job I had maintained for two years (my longest job history ever) and averaged $1,200 - $1,400 a month.  I wanted independence and a better relationship with my parents and that wasn't going … Continue reading How I bought a house on SSDI with an income under $1,400 a month.

Social Security: Part 5 Medical/ Medicare

I was fortunate for some time.  Since I was determined to be disabled under a certain age I was able to stay on my mom's health insurance plan for many years.  My mom bore the burden of this cost for over a decade.  The amount of which I only realized much, much later when it … Continue reading Social Security: Part 5 Medical/ Medicare

Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

For the last twenty plus years I have wrestled with guilt. I call it, “survivor’s guilt,” as a riff on the original meaning. I survive today because programs exist to support people with disabilities at a rate far greater than the past. Yet there is such a stigma attached to using them when your disability … Continue reading Social Security Part 4: Guilt and Shame

I manifested a Friheten.

About two weeks ago I  looked on and decided I wanted the Friheten couch.  My friend and I had planned on an Ikea trip in two days, so I would have the opportunity to mess around with it in person and make sure that I liked it. I'm a fan of getting to Ikea … Continue reading I manifested a Friheten.