2019 Financial Goals

Not a super sexy title and behind on the times, but I needed some time to really think about what my goals were. 2018 was so financially motivated that now, with less financial things to think about I struggled to really clarify my goals. I needed this time to make sense of what they needed to be.

Last year I had three financial goals and I achieved them all despite hardship, my own self sabotaging nature, and a low income.
I became debt free (aside from mortgage), built up a $1,000 emergency fund, and got my mortgage balance under $50k.

If you’ve been following along you know January was a really difficult month full of unpredictable and unexpected difficulties. I lost all income for January and had to refund pet parents. I was negative income! I used up a good chunk of my efund (which is what it is there for) and I accumulated a little bit of debt.

It was pretty crushing, but my friends, family, and community really rallied around me. Many of them had no idea what was going on and that just goes to show the universe was listening, man.

I made it through January and came out the other side into February! A couple of bookings came through right away and thus far I have rebuilt my efund to it’s prior balance! Huzzah! I still have a little bit of debt, but hope to have it taken care of in the next 45-60 days. I’m HOPING.

Someone is coming to look at my car tomorrow so think good sales thoughts at me folks! That would be quite a relief to have that taken care of.

My new 2019 financial goals look like this:
1) Pay off debt
2) Build a sinking fund of $1,000.
3) Pay house down to $45k.

These are pretty pie in the sky, but what is a goal to do but stretch you?

I believe I can accomplish goal one prior to my birthday in April and spend the rest of the year working towards goal two and three.

I picked up some pretty sweet deals this week and I’m working to flip them to apply the funds to the debt. Think positive thoughts and full price offers my friends!



  1. I love the idea of actually debeloping 2019 goals past January. Who says goal setting is just a once a year mandate anyway! I love these goals.

    Question: what is a sinking fund?


    • Thanks for your support! 2018 came to a close so suddenly that I just was not ready to determine 2019 goals without some time and thought.

      A sinking fund is not an efund, but something that you intend to use for annual or quarterly expenses like insurance or memberships. I would like to be able to pay them in full when the come around if possible.


    • I only have a little debt from this year due to the whole mess of January, so the goal is just to pay that off and be debt free again! Aside from the mortgage. Still have that, LOL, but I hope I can pay extra towards that the second half of the year.


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